Raw Milk

Discover the health benefits
of raw milk

RAW MILK: A Nutrient-Rich Whole Food

Brochure includes:
• Benefits of raw milk
• Raw milk heals and restores health
• Health hazards of processed milk
• Diseases associated with milk processing
• Choosing healthy milk
• Use of raw milk by traditional cultures.
• Resources

Informative brochure for friends, family, customers or patients.
Large size – 16” x 9 1/4” Fits in standard brochure holder.

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RAW MILK Resource Guide

Book includes:
• Supplemental Report in Favor of Raw Milk
• Milk Cures Many Diseases
• The Health Benefits of Raw Milk from
Grass-Fed Animals
• Why Butter is Better
• The Case for Butter
• Fermented Milk
• Raising Healthy Dairy Cows
• Traditional Cultures & Raw Milk
• Resources

Paperback, 44 pages, 8.5”x11”