Case History
Sandra Redemske

Chronic Long-Term Mercury Poisoning
From Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings Increased by Computer-Use

For many years, I ate mostly organically grown food, lived a healthy lifestyle in a rural area, and reduced or eliminated my exposure to a wide range of chemicals and electromagnetic fields. I seemed to be healthy, rarely getting colds or the flu, but somehow I knew I should feel better.

In March 1993, concerned about difficulty breathing through my nose and increasing sensitivities to foods, wood smoke, mold, gas stove fumes and auto and truck exhaust fumes, I saw an MD allergist. Head x-rays showed major sinus infections, and blood tests showed low white cell counts. Over the next month, I was given several antibiotics, each one stronger than the previous. The problem did not clear up. I stopped seeing the allergist, as my insurance did not cover the charges and I could not afford this costly ineffective treatment.

A self-employed graphic artist, I computerized my business January 1994. I worked all day with a 21" computer monitor. Hot humid weather in June 1994 was the beginning of a siege of constant sinus infections, sore throats, coughing and fatigue. Concerned about my body’s inability to fight off this sickness, I sought help from professionals in the natural health field. I chose this option as I did not want the drug/antibiotic band-aids of the allopathic health care system to treat symptoms. I felt my body should be able to heal itself, if I knew what was causing the problem.

During months of professional natural health care, the symptoms would ease for several weeks and then with minimal exposure to any physical or chemical stress I would be sick again for several weeks. Testing in November 1994 revealed no beneficial bacteria in my intestinal tract.

In May 1995, I bought safety equipment for the computer monitor. Together, the metal bands attached to the monitor back, and the grounded screen to the monitor front would reduce electromagnetic emissions by 70%. Two days after I added the safety equipment, I felt like a new person: full of energy, calm, cheerful, and able to handle stressful deadlines in my business. I now knew my illness had some connection to the computer monitor.
Then, slowly the pattern of sickness returned with other symptoms increasing in intensity: depression, hopelessness, memory and concentration losses, headaches, fatigue, irritability, crying spells, skin fungus, digestive disturbances, insomnia, muscle weakness, loss of stamina, sensitivities to chemicals, foods and environmental allergens. I felt I was in a downward spiral and would never recover.

In November 1995, I found an article “Your Computer May Be Dissolving Your Amalgam Fillings” by Mats Hanson, Ph.D. in the September 1994 Dental & Health Facts Newsletter, published by The Foundation for Toxic Free Dentistry. This article was the first solid scientific evidence I had found that could help to explain the cause of my illnesses.

I knew that small amounts of mercury were constantly leaching out of my mercury amalgam dental fillings, but Dr. Hanson’s information indicated the electromagnetic fields from my computer monitor were causing the mercury in my mercury amalgam dental fillings to leach out at a much faster rate than normal. I was rapidly being poisoned by the increased mercury leaching from my dental fillings. My symptoms were all on the list of symptoms of mercury toxicity.

To reduce my electromagnetic field exposure, hence my greater mercury exposure, I stopped using my monitor and bought a Macintosh with an LCD flat screen. In two weeks I felt a bit better.

My next step was to remove the source of the poison…the mercury amalgam fillings. I interviewed dentists. I chose a dentist who had a history of toxic-free dentistry, understood the issues of mercury, had safe procedures for mercury amalgam removal, would use the blood biocompatibility test results, understood composites, and had many years of restorative experience.

In January 1996, I had all my mercury amalgam fillings (14) replaced with biocompatible composites. I did not have any adverse reactions to the removal. My health slowly improves and symptoms are lessening.

My health was severely damaged as testing revealed adrenal failure/exhaustion, very low blood pressure and low red and white cell counts, hyperthyroidism and other problems. I cannot expect my body to instantly regain health after being assaulted by mercury for 35 years. Damage started at the molecular level, progressed to the cellular level and then subsequently affected all body systems throwing multitudes of delicately balanced systems into disarray. Looking back,
I know symptoms started with my first fillings at 10-14 years of age: shaking hands, menstrual irregularities, problems with eyesight, memory and concentration. A time-line life chart helped me correlate symptoms with mercury amalgam filling initial placement, removals and new fillings.

My experiences with mercury amalgam dental filings have changed my life.

I don't trust the government will protect my health from toxic substances.

• I discovered health-care professionals are "not aware" of mercury poisoning from mercury
amalgam dental fillings as a consideration in the analysis or treatment of health problems.

• I spent THOUSANDS of dollars for consulting with health care professionals to find out why I was sick,
to have my mercury amalgam dental fillings removed, and after amalgam removal for treatment to heal my body.

• Health insurance did not cover any of my medical expenses.

• I will never know my full potential as a human being, as I have been exposed to the toxic effects of mercury from dental fillings all my life. I lost many years of my life being sick. It was financially devastating… as it was difficult working being sick, and even worse paying for medical care that gave the wrong diagnosis and treatment.

February 2013: It's 17 years since my mercury fillings were removed. My health has improved greatly. I can't eat large fish because of the mercury contamination. I can tell there is a lot of mercury in the air pollution because of my reactions.