Weston A. Price, DDS

When I understood I had mercury poisoning, and had my mercury amalgam dental fillings removed, I then needed to heal my mercury-damaged body and regain my health.

I heard about the work of Weston A. Prices, DDS.
His book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration was
a “light in the dark!”


Dr. Price traveled around the world observing and photographing healthy people. These cultures had stayed healthy for centuries eating nourishing traditional diets of fresh local whole foods.
When they abandoned these diets for processed foods, such as
white flour, white sugar, vegetable oils and canned goods there
was a progression of illness and chronic disease.

Dr. Price's book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is available from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) bookstore:


Start improving your health today.

This easy-to-read brochure about Weston A. Price, DDS describes
his observations of people worldwide on healthy traditional diets,
in contrast to the progression of illness and chronic disease when people eat processed foods, such as white flour, white sugar, vegetable oils and canned goods.

Learn about the similarities of traditional diets and lifestyles of people worldwide. Also included are suggestions to making healthy choices.

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